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  • 93% of our users submit monthly mileage on-time
  • 69% of these submissions take less than 5 minutes
  • 41% reported reduction in organisation-wide mileage administration
  • Currently over 1,000 registered users in Ireland
  • No additional hardware or software required

Features & Benefits

Journey Calculations

Automatic distance and remuneration calculations expedite data-entry while delivering greater quality control.

Subsistence & Expenses

Integrated modules for tracking subsistence and expenses enables administrators to consolidate these claims with mileage.

Standard Allowances

Inbuilt mileage and subsistence rates allowable under tax guidelines are automatically applied to mileage submissions.

Multi-user Reporting

Organisation-level reporting provides administrators with a 360 degree view of current and historic claims.

Cloud Backup

Daily cloud backups provide organisations with data redundancy needed to support disaster recovery.

Customisable Rates

Custom rates can be used to implement grouped mileage schemes for different types of users (e.g. directors).

Remote Access

A highly accessible browser interface provides users with access to their mileage account from desktop, mobile and tablet.

Online Support

24/7 ticketing and online support is integrated to ensure administrative and user issues are addressed promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the software?

Our software is aimed at organisations where staff use their own vehicle for business activities, and are financially compensated for its use in accordance with tax guidelines.

Does the software make me tax compliant?

Unfortunately, software alone cannot make you tax compliant. while our software can be used to achieve compliance from a mileage perspective, it is entirely dependent on accurate data being supplied by users.

Can I customise the rates I pay?

Yes, our software enables organisations to customise rates of pay across different groups of users (e.g. directors, sales representatives etc.).

Can I backup or export my data?

Yes, journeys, subsistence and expenses records may be exported as CSV files. These include all user-generated data. However, it does not include data generated by the software.

Who should not use the software?

Our software is not suitable for organisations requiring fleet transportation management and/or real-time vehicle tracking. There are many solutions on the market that are specifically designed to address these needs.

What is wrong with current mileage administration?

Many organisations administrate mileage using manual file-based methods (e.g. Microsoft Excel). Such approaches lack quality control and automation, which requires manual calculations of trip distances and rates to be tax compliant.

Can non-mileage related expenses be managed?

Yes, our software allows subsistence and expenses to be included on each monthly mileagesheet.

Where is my data stored?

Data is stored on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and hosted in Dublin, Ireland.

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